A 'Guides' Page & Installing MODx Revolution CMS (beta5)

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Created a dedicated 'Guides' page. See here » Radified Guides. Been meaning to do that for .. eons. This will allow me to off-load the guides listed here on the home-page, so I can clean it up.

MODx Content Management System (CMS)I indented & right-aligned every other link .. to make them easier to read. What do you think? When the links were all lined-up together & left-aligned, they seemed too .. similar.

Eventually I'd like to include a representative graphic for each guide/link. But for now, I just wanted to create a page that contains a repository of the links to all our guides.

On a related note, I've been looking more deeply into MODx, the Content Management System (CMS). They are fixin' to release a new version (complete-rewrite, from the ground up, based on PHP5) .. called » REVOLUTION. (Current version is called » EVOLUTION.)

Drupal would be cool, but it's way too sophisticated for what I need. I don't want/need a PhD in CMS's. Here's a MODx site, for example. (I used to live in Lancaster, PA .. the heart of Amish country. Nice people there.)

I'd like to become intimately familiar with a good CMS .. as another skill to add to my digital toolkit. Only way to do that is » use one daily.

The good people at MODx claim a 'Release Candidate' version of REVOLUTION will be coming » "Winter 2009" (.. which is now). [ Notice how the words 'Summer 2009' have been lined-out. ] UPDATE » They just changed the RC date to "Spring 2010". Hmmm.

The MODx site is running REVOLUTION. I'm in no hurry, tho. Rather make a good decision than a hasty one.

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I was reading about MODx today and found this paragraph particularly interesting, especially the last sentence:

The focus of any content management system is that the end user must be able to create web sites that can be self maintained without any programming knowledge. A CMS makes it simple to create the kind of sites that are generally known as Web 2.0. Web 2.0 just means that sites in which the content being displayed is created by the end users and not the developers of the site.

*That's* what 'Web 2.0' means? I never heard that before.

ExpressionEngine is at a similar juncture .. close to releasing a complete rewrite of a popular CMS .. that is also long overdue. I'm interested in these products cuz they both claim to simplify the process of customization, making a designer's life easy. Interesting that new EE 2.0 is still compatible with older PHP 4.x while MODx REVOLUTION requires PHP 5.x (.. just like the upcoming Drupal 7).

A side-by-side comparison of ExpressionEngine 2.0 vs MODx 2.0 (REVOLUTION) would be a valuable study, since the two applications appear to target a similar audience. Maybe I should do this in a table (if no one else has already), since I've already done much research.

Oh HERE's big news » looks like EE will cease offering a free ("Core") version EE 2.0. They'll still offer the free/core version of EE 1.x (v1.68). The cheapest EE 2.0 license is termed 'Freelancer' and costs $100. Seems like bad timing, given the current economy.

The Rad VPS has PHP 5.2.5 installed. I might upgrade to v5.3.1, which is the latest version (released last month), since that's what they recommend (for REVOLUTION). Might also upgrade Apache while I'm at it. (2.2.14 = latest, released October.) UPDATE » both upgrades complete.

Downloaded my first SVN build (bleeding edge) using TortoiseSVN. A new experience for me. (I like learning new tricks.)

You do this (I learned) by simply right-clicking (on desktop) and selecting 'SVN checkout' from the context menu. Then paste the URL into 'URL of repository' window, with 'Fully recursive' option selected as 'Checkout Depth'. TortoiseSVN will put all the files in a folder on your desktop (or whatever location you happen to select).

I installed MODx Revolution beta 5 (released 15 Dec 2009). More on that in another post.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query  » modx revolution cms content management system

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