Rad Guide to Drive Imaging & Disk Cloning

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Been working on the Rad guide to Drive Imaging & Disk Cloning. Helps to be up-to-speed on Web Page Templates. Makes that part of it go more smoothly.

Digital sleepI endeavor to work on it a little every day, tho it never works like that. Yet when I focus, I'm able to put my head down & plow.

The guide seems to have a mind of its own .. like it knows how it wants to turn out. So I go with the flow, prepared to lay aside preconceived notions.

I would hope all Rad regulars are already onboard with a backup program .. since creating backup images with a Cloning program is what we do here.

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BTW - Did you notice I added a subtle background graphic on the home page? .. which you can see at the far sides of the page.

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