After Any Great Trauma or Crisis (You're Wrong)

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Finally finished watching All the King's Men last night. Near the end, Jude Law performs the following voiceover (while playing solitaire). He speaks quietly, solemnly:

Jue Law in All the King's Men"After any great trauma, or crisis, after the shock subsides and the nerves stop twitching, you settle down to the new condition of things, because you know that all possibility of any more change has been used up.

You've seen the pattern finally, because you've stepped back far enough to take in the whole picture."

He gets up and walks to the window, where outside it's pouring rain. The voiceover continues as the sound of rain becomes prominent.

"But it's too late now .. to do anything except accommodate yourself to it. And that's it. There's nothing left to do, or say, except that God and nothing have a lot in common. The end."

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Thunder can be heard as the scene fades to black. I could relate to this voiceover, as if Jude were peering into my soul. But then, after a long pause, as we hear thunder rolling in the distance, there's one more line (with the screen still black):

"What you don't know is that you're wrong."

[For more about the movie, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » all king's men movie film review sean penn.]

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