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It has been a week since the home page was redesigned .. with a new table-less layout. Have you gotten used to it yet? Like it? (I'm diggin' it.) Been making slight tweaks here and there...

.. such as adding left-padding to the graphics in the center section, to keep text from butting up against images.

Dreamweaver CS3: The MIssing ManualThis padding also adds a slight indent (6 pixels) to the yellow tri-blade radiation symbols which begin each post.

Speaking of design .. I got a call from somebody saying they wanted to hire me to redesign their web site. (Cool.) My nuclear training instilled in me the notion that I need to know everything about everything before doing anything professionally.

Which might be true in the nuclear world, but friends say that ain't how the real world works, and that I already know more than enough to do web design professionally.

And I must admit, after reading (studying) those excellent books (» Head First XHTML/CSS, » CSS Mastery & » Dreamweaver: The Missing Manual), I *do* feel comfortable wielding web design mojo.

So if you know somebody who needs web work, I'm available. (And cheap.) I don't know PHP yet, but that's coming. Rad Web Design .. has a nice ring, no?

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Heck, I could even host sites, since that's what our new VPS server is set up to do. Rad Web Hosting. =)

Looking for small projects .. where I can exceed expectations. Wordsmithing is where I really shine (technical writing), as I seem to have a knack for that.

On a radder note, I been researching how to use Apache mod_rewrite to change the file-name of the home page (currently index2.html) to » index.rad. Wouldn't that be cool? (Very Rad.) I like that kind of stuff.

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