Researching Virtual Private Servers (VPS) + SMF

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Virtual Private ServersWas hoping to delve into the new Movable Type blogging software I installed last week (MTOS), and begin configuring it, ..

.. but I've been preoccupied with trying to rein in our ("excessive") use of server resources, since we were exiled to the "stabilization server," where all bad-boys are sent (banished).

Our resource usage however, seems higher than ever. The most-recent number quoted (today) was 8.46% CPU. (Limit = 1.0%.) So I've been researching more in-depth exactly what's involved in moving to a VPS server.

VPS is half-way between "Shared" hosting (which we have now), and "Dedicated" hosting (where you have the whole server to yourself). VPS is sorta like the "condo" version of web hosting plans.

(Shared is like living in a tenement, all crowded together, while dedicated is like having your own house.)

Lunarpages VPS servers are limited to 25 accounts, so each account is allocated 4% of the CPU. They come with dual-Xeons, a dedicated IP, and let you do with them as you please.

In other words, they offer the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the co$t ($45/month .. $40 if you pay for a whole year up front). So that's where we are .. looking at a move to VPS. (Thanks to Magoo for offering to administrate.)

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I could also move to a different host (been there, done that), such as Dreamhost, but what if we start getting noticed there, too? Anyway you cut it, moving suks. Still gathering info, but leaning toward the VPS solution.

Along these lines, we're also discussing a transition away from YaBB (Perl-based flat-file system) as our forum's software-of-choice .. to Simple Machines (MySQL/PHP-based dynamic) .. once it releases its upcoming v2.0 release.

SMF is actually based on code that used to be called YaBB SE (Second Edition), which was the dynamic version of YaBB. I installed a demo-copy of YaBB SE years ago, shortly before they abandoned development .. which was later restarted under the SMF branding.

The Lunarpages forums use Simple Machines, so you could call that an endorsement. The current SMF release is v1.1.4, released last September.

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